Berlin: 31.1.2020 - 10.05.2020
Duisburg: Februar - Juni 2020
Freitags bis Sonntags
09:00 – 21:00
Gruppe 1: TBA, Berlin
Gruppe 2: Yoagna Yogastudio Duisburg
Berlin Yoga Conf & Yoagna
Yoga Teacher Training

Conduct effective negotiations with big companies and use your experience in promotion of your services.
Über diesen Yoga Teacher Training
Art of Negotiating is a business seminar about how to upbuild a strategy of negotiating, deliver confident speech and draw attention to your project. It helps to train oratorical speech, self confidence and competent speech.
Is this the right Yoga Teacher Training for you?
Would you like to advance your asana and learn the art of home practice?

Would you like to learn yogic secret techniques for a healthier and happier life?
Would you like to become a truly successful yoga teacher, who understands the industry and the job market?
Would you like to learn and teach in both English and German, becoming an international yoga teacher and travel the world?
Would you like to expand on your yoga understanding and learn the philosophy behind the system?
Would you like to teach yoga professionally and be able to guide others on their path?
Would you like to learn both the static/meditative (Hatha) and dynamic/powerful (Ashtanga/Vinyasa) yoga methods?
Then this Yoga Teacher Training is exactly for you!!!
Main topics of the seminar
Good start
How to choose right style of negotiating to reach best results.
Individual Approach
How to prepare for conversation and be on the same wavelength with an interlocutor.
Preparation reciepes
How to be in best condition and create a straight strategy for successful negotiating.
Most often caveats
Learn about specifics of talking to different kinds of people. Learn specifics of environment or weather influence and psychological specifics.
Speaker Julian Stotch
Business couch, head representative and director of SEISS consulting
Julian Stotch is a head of one of the most famous advertising companies since 2012. Since then the company has grown twice and attracted famous companies like Giushi, Lemonade, Pixels and others. He works as a business coach with many creative teams and gives lections in Bristol National university.
Seminar Program
January, 15 / Tuesday
10:00 – 11:00
Introducrion and acquaintance
11:00 – 12:00
Negotiation stages
Effective preparation for negotiations
13:30 – 14:30
How to come into position during negotiations
14:30 – 17:00
Discussion and questions
What skills you will get after the seminar?
Manipulation control and minimisation of their influence on your decision.
This seminar will elevate you to a high level in persona behaviour control.
Learn how to explain to your team members and find out motivation receptions.
How to increase sales using your mastership in conversation.
Testimonials about the seminar
January 15, Tuesday
Renold Hall, 78 Sackville St, Manchester
The conference hall is located near the main square, there is a free parking on the territory
Registration for the seminar
January 15, Tuesday | 17:00 –19:00
+337 462 188 234 22
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